All About Scott

Scott Head ShotThank you for taking time to stop by my small space on the web. It’s my goal to share information on home comfort including energy saving tips, information on replacing old and outdated HVAC equipment and how your HVAC system can be more than just a piece of equipment in the basement or closet.

I’m currently a Comfort Advisor with American Vintage Home in Evanston, IL.  AVH is the North Shore premier heating, cooling and plumbing contractor. Now, don’t take my word on it, but rather what our customers say about American Vintage Home:

I don’t believe in just changing out your furnace and air conditioning system. If you are going to invest in a new system it is time to address the problems in your home.
– Maybe it’s the master bedroom above the garage that never heats or cools and prevents you from getting a goods nights rest.
– Maybe it’s the constant dry and itchy skin or nose bleeds in the winter.
– Maybe it’s the dust around the house that makes you feel like you are endlessly dusting and cleaning.
– Maybe it’s the headaches, running nose, and sinus pressure that are constantly making you not feel well.
– Maybe it’s the outrageously high utility bills that are keeping you from that long wanted vacation. (If you want tips on a trip to Disney World, just let me know)

A central HVAC can be more than just a piece of equipment stuck in the basement or a closet.

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